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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Brittney CrawleyBrittney Crawley
“I truly enjoyed learning from Matt and cannot say enough great things about his teaching! Matt provided from day one an environment which felt both positive and supportive and also provided constructive feedback which helped me to refine my driving skills to prepare me for test. His patience and calm approach are perfect for any new learner getting ready to start out on the roads. Thanks Matt for all of your help and advice!”

Will MeadowsWill Meadows
Past first time
Matt is an excellent instructor. He is supportive, understanding, and an expert in what he does. Overall, a really great guy, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning with him. Thanks Matt!

Joe MitchellJoe Mitchell
Passed 1st time
"Matt's exceptional and clear guidance made my journey from a complete driving novice to a competent and safe driver a seamless and successful experience. I was fully prepared for my test through a tailored learning plan that allowed me to learn both quickly and to a high standard. As a result of Matt's teaching style, I was able to pass my test first time! I cannot recommend Matt enough to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive."

Maddie HewsonMaddie Hewson
Passed 1st time with Matt
Matt was a great instructor who helped me pass after previous lessons with other instructors. He explains things well and makes you feel comfortable and at ease as well as working around your availability. I would definitely recommend him!

Sadie WhiteheadSadie Whitehead
Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Matt has been such a great experience. Matt works so hard to adapt to your ways of learning as well as being so down to earth and so easy to get along with. Matt is so patient and makes you feel at ease when learning. Such a great driving instructor and someone who supports you thoroughly through your learning experience! Thank you Matt for getting me through my test FIRST TIME!

Ben SmithBen Smith
Passed 1st time
Taking driving lessons with Matt was honestly such a great experience. I felt super comfortable from the get-go and learned a ton in just a few sessions. He was super patient and made sure I got the basics down before moving on to more complex manoeuvres. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to not just pass the test, but actually become a good driver. It was a pleasure learning from you!

Freya WorkmanFreya Workman
Passed 1st time
I highly recommend Matt as a driving instructor. He is calm, patient and easy to get along with, which made learning to drive a pleasure. In the 7 months I have been learning with him, I have felt my confidence as a driver grow after each lesson. I can’t thank Matt enough for helping me pass first time.

Megan JamesMegan James
Would 1000% recommend Matt for anyone who struggles with anxiety! Matt knew exactly how to teach me! Also a very funny guy makes the lessons fun never any awkwardness!!

Molly TorranceMolly Torrance
I can’t thank Matt enough for helping me through my driving experience. He is extremely patient and is flexible with teaching methods based on what you’re most comfortable with. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is needing a reliable driving instructor. He helped me grow my confidence on the road and even when mistakes were made, he helps you reflect and learn from them with words of encouragement. Thank you Matt!

Lucy HarrisLucy Harris
I started learning with Matt in April 2022 after spending what seemed to be an awful long time searching for driving instructors in Evesham. Matt was friendly and approachable from the start, and made me feel at ease through my entire journey with him. He guided me through my training at a comfortable pace, allowing me to choose the focus of the lesson and encouraged me from start to finish. I passed my test in January 2023, and I am truly grateful to Matt and the support I received in my 9 month journey with him. Every lesson was fun and exciting, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I shall be returning to Matt for my Pass Plus lessons later on this year.

Poppy MeadowsPoppy Meadows
Thank you!!
When I started lessons with you, I had no experience. With your guidance and help, I was able to pick it up. I wasn’t ever nervous or stressed about my lessons because you allowed me to take my time and you always kept calm. Thank you for helping me become a confident driver and helping me pass. I definitely recommend Matt as a driving instructor. I found it very hard to pass due to my anxiety but Matt never gave up and always encouraged that I could do it.

Santina RobinsonSantina Robinson
I would like to say a huge thank you to Matt! I had a few driving instructors & failed my test before I met him. He was very busy but still managed to fit me in. I was demotivated & felt like giving up at times, but Matt encouraged me during every lesson and taught me the necessary skills to drive safely & to always stay alert. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done. Best driving instructor & a genuinely nice person. I highly doubt you’ll find a better one in evesham! I would 100% recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you thank you thank you Matt. Not only do I feel confident driving alone but passing my test has opened up so many doors.

Josh Ellis-SmallJosh Ellis-Small
I’ve been learning with Matt since November and he always stays calm and doesn’t moan at you if you mess up, Thank you for everything you have done for me! :)  

Charlie JohnsonCharlie Johnson
My son Charlie had a enjoyable experience learning to drive with Matt, we can not thank you enough getting Charlie though his test 1st class service.

Jordan FutrillJordan Futrill
I would just like to say a few words about my time learning to drive with LDC driving school, couldn’t have found a better instructor to learn with great teacher and all over great bloke.

Elton KershawElton Kershaw
Simply can’t thank Matt enough! he’s taught me to be a safe driver in a way that was fun. He’s brilliant with helping ironing out any issues and doesn’t get frustrated when mistakes are made which made the learning journey a lot easier. I’d highly recommend anybody to learn with Matt for his professional but also fun approach to learning to drive.

Nathan GurneyNathan Gurney
Matt is brilliant! Having ADHD and EUPD my approach to learning is slightly different from others and I can get pretty anxious- Matt completely understood this which meant each lesson was accessible and productive. Matt is the perfect mix of professional, informative and fun. Can’t thank Matt enough for helping me pass first time. I would highly recommend Matt as an Driving Instructor! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Joseph HallJoseph Hall
I came to Matt after previously failing my test and straight away he helped me. I have now passed my test first time with him with only two minors. I would 100% recommend to anyone to learn with him! Thank you, Matt!

Joshua TannerJoshua Tanner
My Journey
My journey learning to drive with Matt has been an amazing and fun experience. He has taught me everything to become a safe independent driver, and helped me build confident on the roads. Very genuine guy he was able to help me stay calm and collected and to also have fun while doing my lessons. He has showed me everything I need to know about cars, how to look after them properly and also how to drive safely. I would recommend Matt to anyone that is needing driving lessons, without him I wouldn’t of passed my driving test and be as confident as i am with my driving! Cheers Matt 😀

Harry EltonHarry Elton
I cannot thank Matt enough for getting me through my driving test. He will help you out as much as possible. He’s very patient and understanding of different driving needs. Plus he’s a great guy to get on with and will make your driving lessons fly by. 100% would recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons. Cheers Matt 🥳🥳

Harry RobertsHarry Roberts
Very good experience with learning to drive. I get anxious sometimes Matt was very good at helping me stay focused. Very happy I’ve passed and I recommend Matt. Thanks Matt been brilliant I’m very happy I can drive now.

Luke AtkinsLuke Atkins
Due to the recent pandemic I was unable to drive for quite some time and although I already had taken some lessons I still had a long way to go before my test. I was recommended to Matt through my brother who had just passed his test and from the first lesson I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. During lessons Matt gives his students ample time to practise all areas of driving while giving us the chance to reflect on the components that we struggle with. This greatly improved my driving as we identified key areas to work on and improve and made lesson plans around those flaws. I passed my test a few days ago and can confidently say that it was thanks to Matt for all the lessons we had together. To anyone learning to drive and wants to prepare for their test I highly recommend Matt as my brother did to me.

Lauren WrightLauren Wright
I highly recommend Matt as a driving instructor. I started with little experience and was very nervous but he helped put me at ease and build up my confidence. He has always been professional, punctual and safe. Learning around Covid hasn't been easy but he always kept me updated and I was able to learn at my own pace. Thank you for your support and help with passing my test. Lauren.

Kyle RothanKyle Rothan
My driving experience with Matt was faultless from start to finish. He makes you feel relaxed when driving and allows you to learn at a pace tailored to your ability. I would highly recommend Matt to anybody that is looking to learn with an experienced and friendly instructor who will make you feel confident throughout your driving journey. It’s been a pleasure having Matt as my driving instructor. Thanks for everything!

Rocco CochraneRocco Cochrane
Thanks again matt for everything you have taught me.
Thanks to Matts teachings I was able to pass my practical test on my 1st test with only 2 minors. I started off with Matt with very little car experience and within a few lessons I felt very confident in myself. He does a great job of guiding you through situations you may encounter on the road as well as teaching you manoeuvres in an effective and efficient way. Thanks Matt.

James WillisJames Willis
Passed 1st Time
I highly recommend Matt as a driving instructor. Right from the start he made me feel very comfortable when learning to drive and was always very clear and positive with his feedback. Other than being a very good instructor he’s also a really nice guy! In spite of the very stop-start nature of my learning due to COVID-19, I passed first time! Thanks Matt!

Stewart DunhillStewart Dunhill
Passed 1st time regaining my licence again!
Absolutely an amazing driving instructor, if you ever want to learn to drive this is your man, very knowledgable and calming nature every lesson I learnt new things. Thank you for helping me pass my test .

Joseph WagerJoseph Wager
Matt is calm, relaxed, patient and helpful. With his help and the LDC system I know I’m going to have a safe and enjoyable time driving in the future. I am so glad for the tuition he gave me and helping me to pass 1st time with one minor in only 6 lessons.

Patrick AtkinsPatrick Atkins
1st time pass
10/10 instructor. Helped me pass 1st time while building up my confidence and giving helpful pointers on where to improve as i learnt. I could not have asked for a better instructor.

Henry Gardner-RobertsHenry Gardner-Roberts
Learning to drive with Matt was a thoroughly constructive and enjoyable experience. Matt is a very knowledgeable instructor and is easy to get along with. He taught me new skills and tips every time we drove together. He also went above and beyond to drive me to my test when it was offered in a location a considerable distance from where he was based. Lastly, he provided me with a complete guide to driving which really helped in preparation for my test. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to drive in the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire area.

Megan WilliamsMegan Williams
If you are looking to learn how to drive, then I would highly recommend Matt! He is very calm and reassuring and has an excellent way of teaching, giving great tips and techniques that are really effective. He helped me rectify mistakes I made whilst learning to drive and he gave me constant reassurance and support. I started off as a very nervous driver with no confidence, however Matt helped me build that confidence and I ended up passing first time with only two minors! If you feel nervous about driving and lack that confidence, then I would highly recommend Matt! Thank you so much Matt!

I came to Matt after failing twice before, he helped me iron out my bad habits and picked up new good driving habits! With his easy to understand techniques and lessons I fully recommend him as your instructor. I miss having lessons with him! He helped me pass within 2 months and now I'm on the roads! Thanks Matt!

Ben EatonBen Eaton
First Time Pass
A massive thank you to Matt for coaching me through my lessons and helping me to pass my test first time. He provides a brilliant service, adapting lessons to suit your areas of concern. He works with you to build your confidence and understanding of the road. Within every lesson, I felt that I grew in confidence and achieved my goal. I will be recommending Matt to friends and family wanting to learn to drive in the future. A true gent, thanks again and see you on the roads.

Frederick StringerFrederick Stringer
I would like to thank Matt Greensall for helping me pass my test, I would not have been able to do it without him, the service that he offers is of the highest quality. He’s punctual, professional and safe. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would defiantly recommend him to friends and family in the future

First thing I want to say is thank you to Matt! I failed 2 tests with another instructor about 4/5 years ago, and when you haven’t been behind the wheel in so long, feeling un-confident due to failing twice previously; getting back behind the wheel is scary! Especially with an all new way of testing and brand-new driving manoeuvres - It made me so nervous. When I started my lessons with Matt in September 2018, I instantly felt at ease. I felt no pressure, just support. Matt is so patient and puts a positive spin on everything somehow, even if you get something totally wrong. He gives you tips and hints when driving, but Matt is all about YOU learning your own way; if something works for you, and you do it well and safely, he’s all for you doing it like that. Matt, you’re great! Thank you for calming my nerves and giving me the confidence to go for my test for a 3rd time! Knowing that Matt passed 3rd time, made me feel much more relaxed while on my test - (the best drivers past 3rd time ha-ha! 😊). I will be forever grateful, indebted and appreciative of you Matt! Thank you!

Chloe JulianChloe Julian
Thank you Matt. Started my lessons with Matt in September 2018 after a small break and very quickly he helped me gain the confidence I needed to be on the road. Every lesson he would talk through what we had done before and what I had planned to do that week. I also used the workbook which was provided by Matt, I felt that this helped me to know what I was doing that week. Really happy with the service I was given by Matt and even gave me a great confidence boost when I didn’t pass my test first time. So again thank you for everything Matt and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to begin their lessons.

Curtis McNallyCurtis McNally
Passed 1st time
I started having driving lessons with Matt a few months ago and recently (to my disbelief) passed my test first time. With Matt’s patience and excellent guidance, I began to build my confidence in the car and on the road very early on. Matt is an excellent teacher and made me feel calm and in control when driving. Thanks to his positive attitude and excellent advice I managed to accomplish my goal and feel confident behind the wheel. I’m now driving safely on the roads thanks to Matt and I’m loving every bit of it.

Michelle Dangerfield Michelle Dangerfield
Passed 1st time
I would just like to say thank you for all your guidance and support through my lessons you always asked me what I wanted to learn and practice and got me to work out my mistakes and guided me through how to rectify them. My confident grew week after week and I’m so pleased I passed first time I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends. Thank you again.

Joseph McCarthyJoseph McCarthy
Matt was a excellent instructor. Professional always on time encouraging and easy to get along with the whole learning to drive experience was great and I have recommend him to family and friends.

Matt gave me the tools to nail my UK driving license! Clear and patient! Thanks again, Matt!!

Matt has been an excellent driving instructor for the past 9 months. I would recommend him to anyone! He is very patient and always stays calm. He is supportive, encouraging and easy to get along with. It has been a pleasure having lessons with Matt and he has made learning to drive, which can be a stressful experience, very enjoyable. Thank you so much Matt for helping me pass my test!